We are an entirely remote practice offering our services in the Federal Courts throughout Australia (save for Western Australia). For matters in State Courts we are restricted to Victoria.

For most services, only if you want us to. We are able to prepare a complete set of Court documents, for example, with a copy of your file and sufficient instructions. If you would prefer we can also liaise with your client (introducing ourselves as “assisting you”), or we can prepare cover emails and correspondence so your administrative staff just need to forward requests for further information to your client.

We are bound to the same duties of confidentiality as any other solicitor. For your peace of mind, our consulting agreement also includes a confidentiality agreement.

We perform our own conflict checks prior to accepting any work from you.

However best suits you, although we operate a paperless practice and prefer documents in digital form, where possible. You can email them to us, upload to a secure space such as DropBox or, as we recommend, send us a brief via eBrief Ready.

Not for most tasks. For precedent development, we may need access depending on the system you use.

We are happy to undertake minor amendments at no additional charge.

We offer both fixed fees and hourly rates, depending on the task, complexity and notice period. For work that is billed to your own clients (such as overflow drafting or consulting), our rates are between a third to half of the charge-out rate of a senior lawyer. This means that you still make a profit on the work we do for you and allows space in your estimates to your clients to review our work or send us documents.

We accept drafting work on select Legal Aid matters within Victoria as part of our committment to access to justice.

Ready to proceed? The first step is to email us at hello@lawengineered.com.au. We will send you our consulting agreement for execution. This agreement will apply to all future work as required. Once signed, just send us an email with the task you need completed, the parties’ names and the time frame for completion. We then provide a quote via email within 24 hours.